We are

2 friends, creating a musical dream

About us :

2 guys from Belgium making electronic music.
We produce house, trance, tech house & techno.

Live your life with a passion.
And what passion is better than making musical journeys. This is the motto of Deech vs Akim.
Deech (Didier Glorieux) was born in 1973. He has experiended all electronic music styles from New Beat, House, Techno, Rave, Punk, Tech House, ....
Akim (Maik Nellen) was born in 1970. As a DJ in the best Belgian dance halls and far beyond in Europe, he has a unique view on how music evolved. Both forces were bundled in a unique concept: Deech vs Akim.
Our goal is mainly to test our own musical boundaries and not get stuck on one specific music genre. Musical freedom is the key to diversity. Today we'll make a pumping techno track, tomorrow a future house track and maybe the day after tomorrow a trance track. Anyway there must be a soul or a feeling to be found in our music.

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